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Because of the increased disposable income, favorable demographics, entry of foreign players, and increasing urbanization, India is the world's fifth-largest global destination in the retail space. KD Practice assists various companies in their endeavors in setting up and managing various aspects of the modern consumer and retail industry. We have assisted in developing various operational strategies and improving the performance, including cost reduction exercises.
The Indian film industry has been witnessing tremendous growth due to investments by key foreign players leading to strategic and operational changes in the companies operating in the sector. KD Practice is working with one of the largest cinema chains in India and assists them in managing various properties across India. We have developed a separate vertical to understand the needs of this industry and have developed key relationships across the sector.
The brokerage industry is witnessing rapid growth in terms of business, distribution & network and enterprise value. KD Practice has been working with this industry since couple of years and has managed to understand the nuances to work with the companies operating in this sector. Financial services industry is completely different from regular manufacturing companies and requires understanding of complex structures.
With the coming of the Make in India concept, engineering industry is one of the fastest and rapidly growing industry in India. KD Practice is working with many engineering companies and has added tremendous value in their processes whilst also streamlining their business processes. We have assisted companies in developing their key processes and defining the systems and structures.
The economic growth has increased the buying power of India's middle class for healthcare services in general, particularly medicines. KD Practice enables its clients in this industry to understand the operational and cost drivers and help them to control costs to an acceptable level. From an ERP perspective, KD practice is well placed to advise its clients in terms of process development.
The growth of oils and fats has remained driven mainly by the growing population and the high per capita consumption of oils and fats in India. The companies are reeling under pressure to keep costs low and improve efficiencies significantly. KD Practice has developed an effective practice in this industry keeping in mind the requirements of the industry relating to costing, process development, brand strategies and consumption accounting.
India's textile industry is one of the largest and oldest industries in the world. KD Practice has a significant presence across the textile industry value chain right from yarn manufacturing to organized retail. Our teams are equipped to work with any company appearing in the value chain and can leverage its knowledge in order to help its clients get the best out of us.